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Artisan jewelry made from the tagua enthusiast which is a seed from a hand pine varietal mainly be found in northern South America, could be a special and friendly to the environment method to adorn an outfit. A little information about the tagua tree and fan and how it came about being found Chaine en Or artwork, fashion and finally artisan jewelry.The tagua hand tree includes a very slow growth rate. A pine that will be years of age would likely perhaps not exceed a level of eight feet. The pine holds large clusters of woody fruit. Each good fresh fruit chaos weighs approximately pounds. The good fresh fruit it self contains everywhere from four to eight seeds/nuts. The enthusiast form and measurement is comparable to that of a hen's egg.

Other common titles for the tagua fan are Corozo, mococha and vegetal ivory. Artist jewellery created from the enthusiast can frequently be referred to as corozo seed jewellery, vegetal ivory jewelry or eco enthusiast jewelry. Mococha is never as typically introduced in artist jewellery utilizing the tagua seed. The usage of the tagua lover in art and fashion days back to as early. Initially found in the digging of small art figurines, the fan was later found used in fashion being employed in button production.

The use of the tagua seed in key creation started near the conclusion of the century. Actually Ecuador, where the pine grows in the subtropical zone of the Andean mountains, was the largest source for harvesting and exporting the nut. Ecuador was during the time exporting tens and thousands of a lot of the tagua lover annually. The tagua fruit includes seed cavities which preliminary hold a fluid maybe not unlike that of coconut milk. That water can congeal in to an delicious special gelatin. The gelatin can be further tough right into a very hard bright material that has related visual properties to pet ivory. It is using this quality that the word "vegetal ivory" has been coined.

Following World War II the tagua seed keys lost their favor as the reduced charge creation of plastic switch turned popular. Thanks nevertheless to luxury American makers such as for example Religious Dior, Yves St Laurent, Valentine, Versace and the others, knowing the incomparable quality of the tagua button, it's still used today in luxurious fashion. The tagua seed discovered it's way more in to fashion through the usage of the seed in artist jewelry. The seed is dyed, sliced, etched and put in to distinctive artisan jewellery designs that reveal fashion trends and the societal move toward eco fashion and eco jewelry.

Because the seed it's self has related visible properties to that particular of animal ivory, there is no need to use dog ivory. The seed can also be eco friendly because most of the good industry companies who use the enthusiast in their artisan jewelry models make sure that only seeds which may have fallen to the bottom are harvested. In addition they make sure sufficient vegetables are left behind to make sure extended development of new tagua side trees. The artisan jewelry pieces which are created from tagua seeds aren't only lovely but because no two vegetables are the exact same each bit of handcrafted tagua seed jewelry is actually one-of-kind. If you are seeking a lovely, unique bit of artisan jewelry that is also environmentally friendly contemplate buying a piece of tagua seed jewelry.