Recommendations For a Sailing Holiday - Ionian Islands in Greece

It's difficult to generalise about weather styles within the area. In the summer weeks the north usually considers the Meltemi from the NNE - NE. But unlike the rest of the Aegean it's certainly not fully guaranteed and if it Yachting mediterranean not strike winds are usually gentle and from the south. The prevailing breeze in the south of the location is from the SE and it will blow from midday before comforting in the evening. It always does not exceed force 5. There are confined problems with gusts from high land. Astrous on the Peloponnisos is renowned for a katabatic wind at night. It gets up quickly from relaxed problems and can hit a force for hours.

Korfos is just a landlocked bay on the coast two miles to the east of the cape at Trelli. Attention must be taken with a reef that runs out some 400m from the cape. With powerful winds from M -NW brutal gusts can be likely from the land. Yachts may move bend or stern to down the quay or anchor off thorough in surplus of 10m. Underneath is dirt and weed and poor keeping in places. There is water on the quay and gas can be delivered. Many provisions may be obtained and you can find excellent tavernas on the waterfront.

Epidhavros lies more to the south. Yachts may get bow or stern to the quay or pier. Alternatively point off in the bay. Underneath is dirt and weed and provides average holding. There's water on the quay and energy in the town. Many provisions may be obtained in the town and there are tavernas in the city and on the waterfront. The community sits at the bottom of wooded hills and it is a stylish setting. A stop by at the old Epidhavros theater, a thirty second cab drive away, is well worth it. The acoustics are incredible in a theatre that seats 14,000.

Perdika is just a little bay in the SW of Aigina. Move bend or firm to the outer end of the center pier or on the external conclusion of the interior of the american breakwater. Instead anchor in the southern conclusion of the bay. There's water on the quay and gasoline could be delivered. Restricted provisions can be found but there are numerous good waterfront tavernas specialising in seafood. Aiya Marina can be an start bay on the eastern part of Aigina. It will just be used in calm conditions. From here you can visit the forehead of Aphaea, that was integrated the 6th century BC. The temple is reckoned to be probably the most completely developed in Greece.

Nisos Angistri is just a small area lying miles to the M of Aigina. There's a small harbour in the NW of the island. Yachts can move bow or firm to the small pier or to the interior of the breakwater. Alternatively point off away from the approaches to the quay. There are numerous waterfront tavernas and some provisions can be found from the village. The marina at Methana lies to the southern conclusion of the town. Treatment becomes necessary talking the slim entrance. Move bend or firm to the west or north quay. The keeping is excellent in difficult mud. Protection is good in every conditions. Water can be obtained on the quay and gasoline can be delivered. You can find great tavernas in the city and most provisions may be obtained.